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SALASPILS municipality for the creative growth of our home in a blossoming environment

Salaspils municipality is located in the central part of Latvia, on the right bank of the Daugava River in Ropaži plain of the Middle Latvia valley. The total territory area of Salaspils municipality is 127 km². The administrative centre of the municipality is Salaspils town located 18 km from Rīga, 11 km from Ikšķile, 18 km from Ogre, and 21 km from Baldone. Salaspils municipality is part of Rīga planning region. Salaspils municipality is part of Rīga agglomeration because in Salaspils municipality, the villages, Salaspils town, and rural settlements with concentrated construction actually form merging construction with the city of Rīga. Salaspils municipality residents have very close economic relations with the city of Rīga. Thus, for instance, many municipality residents are employed in Rīga. This is also promoted by the beneficial geographic location of Salaspils and good transportation infrastructure – national and regional motor roads and the railway. Primary motor roads:

- A4 Rīga bypass (Baltezers-Saulkalne) crosses Salaspils municipality on the east, connecting it with Vidzeme motorway, Tallinn motorway, and Baltezers;

- A5 Rīga bypass (Salaspils-Babīte), which, crossing Rīga hydropower plant dam, connects Salaspils with Doles sala peninsula, Ķekava, and Daugmale parish;

- A6 Rīga – Daugavpils – Krāslava – Belarusian border (Pāternieki), which backs the residential area of the town in the south and connects the town with Rīga and Ogre.

Two power industry objects important for Latvia are located in Salaspils municipality: Rīga Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Daugava River (total power 402 MW) and Rīga TEC-2 (heat-electric generating plant) in Acone, (electric power 600 MW; thermal power 1124 MW).

SALASPILS municipality Social and economic profile

Territory area:

  • Salaspils parish 107.9 km2
  • Salaspils town 15.12 km2
  • Total 123.02 km2

Data source: Salaspils municipality

Number of residents at the beginning of year – 23 707 (01.01.2018):

  • In Salaspils town 18 698
  • In Salaspils parish 5 009

Working age – 15045, incl. males – 7490, females – 7555.

Data source: http://pmlp.gov.lv/

Number of registered unemployed on 30.06.2018 – 606 (4.4%)

Data source: http://www.nva.gov.lv/.

Development level index according to 2017 data – 0.844 (13th place among 109 municipalities)

Data source: http://www.vraa.gov.lv

Number of registered companies on 01.05.2017 – 1913

Data source: Lursoft

Average monthly gross salary in 2017:

  • Excluding businesses in the private sector with number of employees <50 – 1157 euro
  • Private sector businesses with number of employees >50 – 1419 euro

Data source: http://raim.gov.lv/

Salaspils municipality budget in 2018 (expenses) – 30 760 001 euro.

Data source: Salaspils municipality

Salaspils municipality education institutions:

  • Pre-school education institutions – 6
  • General education schools – 2
  • Other education institutions – 4

Data source: Salaspils municipality