Support for companies

Real property discount - 50%:

1. For new manufacturing companies for the first five years from the start of manufacturing if:

  • Manufacturing takes place in the real property;
  • In the previous calendar year, at least 5 people were employed (throughout the entire year).

2. For enterprises that meet the status of a micro, small or medium-sized enterprise in accordance with the definition provided in Annex I of EC Regulation No 800/2008 of 6 August 2008 and which according to their primary activity correspond to a manufacturing company according to NACE classification if:

  • Manufacturing takes place at the company;
  • At least 5 people were employed in the previous year;
  • Calculated average state social insurance mandatory contributions per employee were at least 1400.00 euro in the previous year.

The annual funding planned in Salaspils municipality budget for the construction of the infrastructure required for the development of entrepreneurship is ~100 000 euro.

Entrepreneurship opportunities and benefits in Salaspils municipality:

  • Salaspils municipality is located in the very centre of Latvia.
  • The proximity of Rīga – only 18 km (the centre of Rīga).
  • European route E67 crosses Salaspils municipality (Via Baltica).
  • European route E22 crosses Salaspils municipality.
  • Route A6 Rīga—Daugavpils—Krāslava—Belarusian border (Pāternieki) crosses Salaspils municipality.
  • Near north-south European route E77 (Pleskava – Budapest).
  • In the future, Rail Baltica railway with intermodal logistics centre in Salaspils municipality.